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The official lore for shadow boygroup 힏엔젬 HID&GEM [HDnG] is not suited for minors.

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The four members of HID&GEM [HDnG] are shadows given a second chance at life.

#1 롤즈 Roars, the Ramoth Tribal 政落徹 

#2 앨슨 Airson, the Unseen Spirit 信 空儿

#3 구 GoldenAge, the Found Son 金花流年

#4 엑스 'X', the Riddle Parable 玄X

The 4 were among 100 inhabitants whose tragic lives ended in a dystopian dimension called Ri [璃 · 리]

The 4 boys: 롤즈 Roars, 앨슨 Airson, 구 GoldenAge, 엑스 'X' are only shadows on Cards, but can come to the light if they can solve the mystery of who they were previously. To find out who they were, the 4 boys have to slowly uncover the events that happened in Ri [璃 · 리]. Each of the 100 candidates have a unique GLYPTIC [极越 · 극도]: an indestructible belief that one holds onto, even after transcending the boundary of life. As the 4 boys uncover the GLYPTIC of each 100 candidates, they will successfully remember who they were. The GLYPTIC [极越 · 극도] is what the 100 lived for. In fact, the GLYPTIC [极越 · 극도] is exactly what caused the ultimate death, as they gave up their lives for their GLYPTIC [极越 · 극도].

If the four boys solve the mystery incorrectly and identify as someone else, they will cease to exist as shadows as well.
“If I forget what I live and was willing to die for - is that person still me?” - Code:Warlord, candidate of 앨슨 Airson
The full 100 candidates and their GLYPTIC [极越 ·극도 ] will be revealed over time on this official wiki. To the advantage of the boys, the 100 candidates are divided evenly between the four members - which means each boy only has to choose between twenty-five candidates. The currently revealed candidates are:
  1. Ea, candidate of Airson
  2. Shone, candidate of Roars
  3. Code: Warlord, candidate of Airson
  4. Nyeve, candidate of GoldenAge
  5. Healon, candidate of 'X'
  6. The Unnamed Little One, candidate of 'X'

Ea's [遗芽  · 유아] Story:

Ea [遗芽 유아], in the Writing System of Ri

Ea's GLYPTIC is: The Utopian Fragility [极碎天堂 겁쇄천당]

Ea [遗芽  · 유아] grew up as orphans with her younger sister, Nyeve in a slum skyscraper. Unable to cope with their parent's unusual death and responsibility as the elderly sister, Ea grew up timid and alone, trying her best to secure a sense of what a home was. Nyeve, on the other hand, did not ruminate over their parent's death. Ea drifted apart from an outgoing, teenage Nyeve, feeling like the lesser sister.

One day in their young adulthood, Ea receives a strange message from a boy she has met only twice.
"Just like I knew how it was going to storm when we met, I know your sister has gone missing" - Shone, candidate of Roars
Ea is then launched into a frantic search for her sister. Nyeve was often not home - she learned to run away from home as a child, and have disappeared for months before, saying she would start her life anew with multiple new men Ea had never met before. This time, however, Ea knew it was different: Ea would not feel Nyeve's presence in her heart, for the next forty days. Via another cryptic text weeks later, Shone lends a helping hand by saying:
"Think about who might have taken Nyeve. Your life has been controlled by them this whole time. How can you turn around to control them?" - Shone, candidate of Roars
After receiving the text, Ea dresses in Nyeve 's outfit and makeup to wander around the hallways and elevators of the slums - smiling sinisterly at random strangers. As most strangers meet her with disgust, the reaction of three men catch her attention. Three men freeze upon catching gaze of her, and Ea catches one of them whisper to the other:
"I thought I told you to get rid of it."

Nyeve's Aftermath

The court find evidence of captivity and abuse against Nyeve perpetrated by the three men over the course of weeks.

To the court's surprise, Ea drops the case and chooses to let the three men go.

Ea undergoes cosmetic surgery, starts studying veterinary medicine, and seems to have let go of losing all 3 family members. She also starts becoming outgoing, dabbling in Nyeve 's social circles as a brand new face. She renames herself Xetna.

Yet deep down, she has another plan:
"I am betting my life on one thing. That the desire to hurt others, for some, is like a thirst for water that cannot be quenched by drinking once." - Ea, candidate of Airson
After months of trying, Ea successfully befriend the three men over the internet. The three men do not suspect Xetna to be related to Nyeve , and indeed, are seeking to take advantage of vulnerable women. Ea invites all three of them at once to her home.

The next morning, the three men wake up chained in their respective rooms in the small apartment.

Social Experiment: Ea

In a twist of events, Ea did not have to exact any revenge herself. As long as one man is set free to do whatever he wants to another man who is chained, they are eager to exact revenge on their accomplices.

Ea only has two rules for the men to follow:

  1. Do not take the life of any one
  2. Do to them what they did to Nyeve
Ea, originally believing that her mind can let go of Nyeve 's death knowing that justice has been served, is instead troubled and shocked to see the men's abuse to each other. She backslides into a passive nursing role, feeding, healing each men individually until they are strong enough to "exact revenge" on one of the other two men. The men originally abuse each other, thinking that they can win Ea's trust to be set free. As time continues on, their true natures are revealed as their primary motivation is simply to do to others what has been done to them.
"Whatever shame; whatever suffering...they come back ten times stronger to exact revenge. And the next round, a hundred times stronger." - Ea, candidate of Airson
Ea almost wants to let the men go, but she also does not know what victims she will be unleashing the men upon. Her initial promise to herself of never becoming a murder now haunts her: was that decision better than letting the men live out their nature as abusers?

Ea's is pushed to the brim of giving up on life itself when she notices strange signs of the men: over the days, it is almost as if they are eating much less, and recovering faster. The cost of running this social experiment is decreasing near exponentially.

The Utopian Fragility [极碎天堂 겁쇄천당]

Finally, Ea unlocks her GLYPTIC: heaven and hell are almost one and the same, except that heaven is much more easily destroyed.

Ea deduces that the three men have all the food, shelter, and human companionship taken care of for the rest of their lives. This alone beats many suffering populations of the world of Ri. Yet, instead of making this condition their heaven, the three men have turned it into a literal hell of endless mutual revenge. Any individual in heaven, at any given time, holds the key to destroying the state we call heaven.
"If heaven is a place of no tears and no suffering, how quickly it fades. When that first person chooses to hurt another, the most likely scenario is that they will receive hurt back. Even in the first instant, the state of heaven already ceases to exist. An eternal heaven is not something that someone can just hand to us; it has to be something we do everything we can to maintain, for every moment of our existence. In that sense, is there anything more fragile than this utopian fragility?" - Ea, candidate of Airson

Lore Hall [Intl MCsL]


First Attempt, Reconstructing Records of the Unnamed Little One

Ea’s World Yemog
Year 0 Jinsa [oldest common religion of Ea’s world] is born Year 873 unnamed war
Year 10 Jinsa fades

Flourishing of ten thousand cults

Year 97 CTVT outbreak
Year 98  Pinnacle of Man Kings, launched
Year 101.1 Ea and Nyeve are orphaned
Year 101.9 CTVT evolves into the Wild
Year 101.12 Elronde launches religion
Year 108 Akroe’s first kidnapping
Year 109.1 Nyeve visits Yemog
Year 109.3 Nyeve’s Return. Launch of empire.
Year 112.3 Nyeve meets Shone.

Launch of android-based operations

Year 112.12 Crime stabilizes.

Healon is taken into the Wild by Akroe.

113.7 Shone meets Ea.

Nyeve’s disappearance and court case.

Year 987
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Shone [伤 · 상]

Healon [希任 · 희임]

Ea [遗芽 · 유아]

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